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Why Maine

Over 35 outstanding colleges and universities!
Maine is home to an impressive array of institutions of higher learning, with 14 public universities and community colleges, a variety of excellent private liberal arts colleges, art schools, environmental colleges, law, medical and pharmacy schools, and a seminary. No wonder over 64,000 students from all over the world attend Maine colleges.

Opportunities for lifelong learning---and challenging careers!
In Maine, you'll find the latest teaching techniques and facilities. Whether you want the convenience of online distance learning or flexible scheduling to help juggle family and career---it's all here in Maine!

Not only can you learn here, you can stay and earn here, too! You'll find Maine has a robust and vigorous business climate. From high tech to a vibrant creative economy; from tourism to an emerging wind power industry; from health care to manufacturing; Maine provides exciting career options for a wide variety of skills and interests.

Maine's business and community leaders are united in working to prepare our state for future challenges,
even in the most challenging of times. Maine has always worked hard to assure that a first class education
is available for in-demand skills right here in Maine.

Stunning outdoors. A vibrant cultural life. An unsurpassed quality of life!
Maine's beautiful scenery, from the gorgeous coast to the rolling mountains, its seasonal climate, low crime rate, proud and friendly people, colorful history, and sublime seafood cuisine are just a few of the state's
many treasures. For the culturally minded, Maine has one of the fastest growing creative arts communities.
An active lifestyle in Maine's great outdoors is right in our backyard.

Make Maine your first choice for college!
Without going far from home, students can maintain the special Maine quality of their lives while advancing their learning, skills, and earnings potential.

Attending college in Maine and building a career here supports the state's growth and healthy progress as
we seek to provide the highest standard of living for all citizens.

It also means an outstanding education in an enchanting area of the US. But much more than anything else,
it means a brighter future for you.

So find your calling.

Find a career.

Find yourself.

At a college in Maine!